Writing for Long Term SEO

Writing for Long Term SEO

by Guest Author September 04, 2012

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When it comes to long term successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO), writing high quality niche content is a critical part of that process. When you’re looking to rank well in Google or other search engines it’s important to have high quality on page content.  Google has commented over and over about how they want high quality content that helps the reader out and delivers the answers that they’re looking for.  However it seems like every year there is at least one major Google algorithim change along with several touch up updates.

Other aspects of ranking and SEO may change, but since content always matters an important part of SEO will be writing your content with long term SEO in mind.  So what does this mean?  First, it means you write for the reader as much or more than the search engines. It means that aside from thinking about keywords, tags, or titles that you design your posts to speak directly to the reader.  Don’t get tied up on having to use keywords in first and last sentences or keyword densities because all that can change.  Writing good content aimed at the reader will stay timeless and pass any manual review.

This also means focusing on natural long tail keywords.  Don’t keyword stuff your articles or have every sinlge post with a prime keyword in the first and last sentences.  Does this happen when you write naturally?  Not normally.  These are practices that could get slapped down the line but writing for long term SEO means writing a natural article with a normal use of the various different phrases that should pop up normally in your article’s topic.

The next tip is one that should be a part of any article writing anyway: providing a strong value to the reader.  This is what everyone wants and this comes from two main sources: answering the reader’s question (aka meeting their needs) and providing thorough and unique information in your post.  If you can do both then you have crafted the type of article that should do well with on page SEO regardless of future changes.  When you write high quality content that offers excellent information, offers the reader the solution to what they’re looking for, you know that article is not going to result in a future SEO penalty once the standards change once again.

Writing quality for the reader is good long term SEO, and avoiding the most common on page practices can help make sure you’re not with the herd that gets hit at the next update.

If you would like to learn more about how good freelance writing can be leveraged for effective on site SEO then please feel free to check out the new Master Dayton writing blog.  Thanks for reading!


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