Pros and Cons of Using Social Media for Business

Pros and Cons of Using Social Media for Business

by Guest Author September 24, 2012

Navigating the ever changing world of social media and how it can benefit your business can be a full-time job by itself.  Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, or other social media outlets, it’s important to learn about the effects that social media can have.  A professional Internet marketing business can help you connect your Facebook and your website for better traffic and name recognition.

Some of the concerns you might have when using social media include:

  • The amount of time it takes to maintain.  While it is true that maintaining a social media presence, and monitoring what other social media users say about your business through social media is time consuming, it is a time that is well invested in creating exposure and influence for your business.
  • How to take care of a negative comment, review, or feedback.  While it is true that social media allows upset customers to leave comments publicly, don’t think that without social media that would still not be happening somewhere on the web.  Establishing a policy for how to deal with a negative comment or feedback before it happens will help you know exactly what to do and how to handle the situation before it happens.
  • It might be hard to capture and keep a customer’s attention.  With so many options on the Internet, just being on a social media outlet is not enough.  You must use the social media outlet to share information as well as create interest.  You create interest by sponsoring contests, offering specials, or otherwise promoting your products and services.
  • What you say.  It is important to carefully consider what you say through a social media outlet.  Remember that even if you aren’t specifically commenting on your business, you are representing it every time you make a comment or post.  It is important, therefore, to remember to always be as positive as possible.

Though there are some concerns when first entering the world of social media, the pros are great as well.  The pros include:

  • Social media can bring more attention to your business and thus give you an increased presence on the web and increased traffic to your website.
  • With little to no cost for advertising, you can reach potential customers worldwide with a few computer strokes.
  • Social media has become a very important realm of influence as it is available to customers on the go through their smart phones and tablets.
  • By allowing you to personally interact with customers; social media can help you build loyalty and boost your business reputation.
  • If you take the time to listen to feedback from customers, you can improve your products and services quicker and easier.

If you do some research in advance and have a good plan, your business can be even more successful using the tools available through social media. Keep in mind that if you haven’t started using social media marketing for your business, that it can take a while to get the hang of things. If you’re going to start a marketing plan with social media, be sure to give yourself enough time to see whether or not it works.

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