Google Local

Gain Instant Traffic From Google Local Optimization

Google Places

Google Local is like the new Yellow Pages, do you have your company near the top?

As most people know, Google has a large percentage of the search market and they position their Google Places pages very well.  You definitely want to make sure you have an optimized page if you want to tap into this huge market.

Instant Boost for Just Starting One.

We have clients that just by putting up an optimized page they instantly saw some traffic and  new sales.

Avoid Shady Companies

Some companies use tactics that may have a short-term gain but eventually get the page erased or banned.  We stay within the Google guidelines which helps make sure you won’t have to worry about getting banned.

Do You Have a Local Business That Serves GEO-targeted Areas?

I am amazed at how many companies still don’t take advantage of this, don’t be left behind there is a huge potential to be tapped with a Google Places optimized page.  Make sure local potential clients can find you easily online, one of the best ways is to build and optimize your G places page.

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