Are You Satisfied With The Services Or Products?

Are You Satisfied With The Services Or Products?

by Guest Author September 27, 2012

Have you ever received a customer satisfaction survey to complete? I’m sure you have. In fact, if you conduct business with any of the larger online organizations sending out a survey to customers is part of the process that is practically mandatory. Why is that?

Well, it helps the company get an overview of how the experience was for you. By letting them know your honest opinion, the company is able to make improvements in any area that they consider is necessary. Of course, some people are never satisfied and no matter how much you move the earth or the sun for them they would still not give a good rating. However, the vast majority of people who complete feedback forms are quite honest in their opinion and it is quite alright to point out areas of improvement if you see that it is required.

For example, you may have bought an item from a company but the delivery date may have been a little longer than you anticipated. On your feedback form you could suggest that shortening the delivery times would have made the process better for you. This is just one example of where your feedback can really benefit a company. They may not be aware that their delivery time is slow in comparison to other companies, or there may be a genuine reason for the slowness, such as stock levels waiting to be replenished, or the item may have been specially commissioned or bespoke. However, if this is an issue for you it may be an issue for someone else who do not wish to voice their opinion. If it is not pointed out, then it cannot be addressed to make the experience better for the future.

As organizations are aware that not everyone will complete a feedback form, very often they will give an incentive, such as adding your name to a prize draw, or issuing money off vouchers for your next purchase. These rewards are an additional bonus just for giving your honest opinion. There is an old saying: “If you like our service, tell your friends, if you don’t like our service, tell us.”

However, very often the reverse is true. People are happy to tell others of their negative experiences but reluctant to broach them with the company. However, if a company does not know there is a problem, it can never be rectified. Give them the opportunity to perfect their service and you might win a nice little windfall!

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