5 Top Ways To Maintain Your Mailing List

5 Top Ways To Maintain Your Mailing List

by Guest Author September 04, 2012

There are lots of reasons why the number of people in your mailing list could be reducing. For instance, if they have moved to another company or have abandoned their old email addresses. There are different ways you can get new email addresses to add to your mailing list without annoying anyone.  Some of tips of getting email addresses include:

1.    Have subscription forms on your site

You should have a prominent form on your site where you can get the site’s visitors email addresses if they need to receive regular updates on your products and services. The sign up should be easy and offer all the necessary information about the email campaign. You can use web form templates too come up with a polished and professional look that blends in with overall website design.

2.    Ready-made mailing list

You can choose to either rent or buy email addresses for your mailing list but caution should be practiced in this case. You need to be sure that you get these emailing addresses from a reliable source and the right process was followed. This will ensure that everyone on the mailing list has granted permission to receive emails.

3.    Social sites

There are tons of social sites where your target audience likely spends a lot of time and by participating in the same social sites, you can easily grow your online presence. Become a member of the same groups they are in, and such a way, you will create a relationship with them. You can also persuade your employees to participate in social media and tactfully talk about your company or products.

4.    Incentives

When people know they will gain from subscribing to your mailing list, they will be more than willing to sign up. Ensure you offer a clear and unmistakable value like discount coupons, free e-books, contest to win iPhones or any other items that you know your subscribers value. On top of it all, ensure that your content is relevant and interesting to hold your subscriber’s attention. Also, your subscribers will always look forward to your next email since they know it will be a good read.

5.    Unsubscribing

You can easily be blacklisted for spam if your subscriber cannot find the unsubscribe link which will not be good for you at all. Make sure that the link is prominent and easy to use to provide the recipient with the freedom to choose what they want.

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